Theater Bytes is a series of bite-sized videos, five to fifteen minutes, with engaging theatrical ideas and activities for your classroom, homeschool, or daycare facility. Customizable packages suit your needs of arts integration through video and virtual instruction.

HITS @ Home is our educational, online platform to engage students and families with musical theater programming from the safety of their own home. Celebrating 40 years, HITS Theatre’s mission is to empower youth, grades K-12, with a holistic approach to acting, singing, and dancing in a safe, diverse, and collaborative environment.

Byte Type 1 – In Theory
Students learn about theater concepts such as vocabulary, occupations,
performance techniques, and history.
Examples: The Three Pillars of Speech, Theater Glossary, Improv

Byte Type 2 – In Practice
Students develop active skills from musical theater including acting,
singing, and dancing.
Examples: Stage Directions, Grapevine, Singing Basics

Byte Type 3 – Listening Lab
Students explore a specific song from a musical including historical context,
creative forces, and melody.
Examples: “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” “Memory,” “On My Own”

Live Byte – Zoom Session
Live, 45-minute Zoom session with HITS teacher to upgrade concepts learned
in Byte videos. Scheduled with HITS representative.