Ways to Support HITS Theatre

We count on the generous support of our community. With our commitment to provide a performing arts education to all interested children regardless of economic background, we know the contributions of individuals, families, corporations and foundations makes a real impact.

There are many ways that you can support HITS Theatre and we hope that you’ll consider helping us in the following ways.

Give a gift directly to the theater with the click of a button!

Donate a non-cash gift, including goods, services and/or expertise.

Help HITS continue to provide arts education to any student, regardless of financial situation.

“It takes a village!” HITS relies heavily on the help of countless volunteers.



Houston Arts Alliance
Brown Foundation
Cullen Trust for the Performance Arts
Cynthia & George Mitchell Foundation
Julia & Albert Smith Foundation
Harris County Department of Education CASE for Kids City Connections & County Connections
Enterprise Foundation


FEBRUARY 28, 2022 – FEBRUARY 28, 2023

Alejandra Garrido
April & William McGee
Andrea Osborne-Smith
Rachel Applegate
Jennifer Coker
Kevin Long
Katie Rushing
Julia Rawson
Adam Wagner
Robin Angly
Andrea Young
Mister McKinney
Will & Deborah Garwood
Quincy Starnes
Lucy Dyer
Sandra Wager
Jennifer Clayton
Sandra Eastman
Valerie Kelly
Joshua Seale
Kim Schroeder
Carrie Hardaker
Lauren Pastorek
Steve Sardo
Village Heights
Francisco Diaz
Karen Clayton
Michell Bergeaux
Edgar Velez
Amanda Brown
M Shellum
Ellen Tamminga
Jacquelyn Webb
Jean Gaulke
Alexandria L. Hodge
Elise Ishigami
Jan Langbein
Rebekah Baker
Kristin Blomquist
Richard and Jeny Burrell
Jessica Campbell
Daphne Doleza
Joseph Hayles
Andrea Hindi
Sonia Huse
Rebecca Kaul
Diana Linder
Karen Long
Rodney Maxwell
Ronald & Carrie Woliver
Christina Wilkerson