What is HITS @ Home?

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HITS @ Home is our educational, online platform to engage students and families with musical theater programming from the safety of their own home. Celebrating 40 years, HITS Theatre’s mission is to empower youth, grades K-12, with a holistic approach to acting, singing, and dancing in a safe, diverse, and collaborative environment.

The backbone of musical theater is storytelling using acting, singing, and dancing so we focus on those three elements in 30-minute sections. A benefit or the virtual experience is that everyone gets a chance to sing all the songs and learn all choreography. There’s not just one lead role up for grabs, everyone can be the star from the safety of their own rooms. We can study the historical context and cultural connections of the stories. A highlight of the summer was integrating our HITS goes Green initiative with props and costumes designed by the students using recycled objects found at home. Your child will be challenged artistically and grow creatively.

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